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There are no one-size-fits-all solutions with Sagient. Before you hear about any financial plan from us, we’re going to hear from you—about your current financial health, the future you want to grow, the retirement you hope to enjoy, and the legacy you want to leave behind.

By forming that connection, our team can offer you customized, well-balanced solutions that are open to evolution as your life changes. We leverage our century of wisdom in the financial space with our knowledge of modern financial solutions to provide guidance in a wide variety of areas.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions with Sagient.

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Asset Management

It’s never too early to secure your future. No matter your current assets, risk aversions, or goals, our team can develop holistic, tax-aware asset management strategies that help you expand your savings, acquire new sources of wealth, and protect yourself and your family or business when it matters most.



Plan for the unexpected now. Our team sits down with you to evaluate life, disability, and long-term care insurance plans, guiding you toward the strongest fit for your current needs.



Ensure you’re in charge of your legacy. Our estate planning is an ongoing process. After forming a connection with our team, they’ll always be available to walk you through various options, refresh your plan as your life expands or tax strategies change, and help you feel confident in the decisions you make to determine your legacy.


Retirement Planning

A brighter future starts with a plan. As our team gets to know you, we’ll come up with a strategy that helps you weather the unexpected, receive the care you deserve as you age, and enjoy your golden years exactly how you’d like.



You don’t have to run your business alone. From cash flow management to scaling and beyond, you can always turn to our team for holistic guidance that helps your business grow.



Protect your business by protecting your employees. Our team analyzes your needs against their best-in-class industry knowledge—and stays partnered with you once plans are implemented—to help you effectively and affordably provide comprehensive benefits to your team. 


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Whether you are focused on one of the above areas or are looking for comprehensive guidance, our team offers a customized, cohesive solution designed to improve your overall financial health and set you up for success.

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