Sagient is growing our team of curious, customer centric advisors. We offer tremendous training, opportunities for growth and a commitment from our leadership that we will invest in your future with our team. 

Are you the right fit?

As a Sagient member, you will:

Value the process over the products.

You commit to building long-term, trusted relationships with your clients and colleagues in your effort to provide holistic, well-balanced strategies rather than one-off products.

Demonstrate mutual respect for your team.

You understand your teammates are your strongest asset. You raise each other up, seek out the wisdom of your colleagues to enhance your guidance, and prize the collaboration that sets us apart from the crowd.

Ask questions to continue learning.

You are forever curious and seek to understand differing opinions, keep up on the latest trends and are interested in pursuing further designations and development.

Honor your commitments.

Whether you’re juggling multiple client requests or immersing yourself in continued education, you hold yourself accountable and put 100% toward fulfilling your obligations.

Take pride in the inclusion and diversity within our team.

You recognize that the unique strengths and backgrounds of your team members make us all stronger and smarter.

Have fun.

You embrace the joy that naturally comes when you are fulfilled by your work, enjoy a collaborative relationship with your team members, and are continually striving to innovate and improve.

Does this sound like you?

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