Our Story

We strive to strategically evolve and innovate while honoring our roots.

Since our inception, we’ve seen the financial planning industry evolve, and we have built on our legacy to provide innovative solutions for financial planning, investments, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and employee benefits.

Knowledge is the Sagient way. Our name comes from the Latin word for “those who know or perceive quickly.” We get to know our clients deeply and provide personally tailored financial guidance for a fast-changing world.

We help you succeed by combining the wisdom we have earned from our heritage with innovative insights to help shape your future.

Our Vision

To provide holistic financial planning, delivering long-term prosperity and peace of mind for our clients across every aspect of their financial future. We work to achieve this vision by following three core principles.


See the whole person first

Connecting with one of our team members begins with an in-depth conversation that helps us understand your financial situation in the present and your goals for the future. We keep your values front and center at all times so that we stay focused on helping you achieve meaningful results.


Build long-term trust

To help you create a long-term financial plan, we have to earn your trust. As our relationship grows, we leverage innovative technology and our industry expertise to deliver comprehensive strategies that deliver positive outcomes for you. Our advisors never operate in silos or offer you one-off products.


Collaborate to build tomorrow’s wealth

With Sagient, you are always in the driver’s seat. We’ll never make financial decisions for you. Instead, we work with you to create personalized, dynamic solutions that give you the confidence to secure your financial future.

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